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Kid's Voice

Create a website that using
the way of drawing to record
incredible time.

Information Archetecture
User Research
Web Design
Design System

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Hi, There!

I’m a UI&UX designer with 3 years of working experience based in the San Francisco Bay Area, with a strong interest and passion in interface and experience design.
I believe that having just the essentials is better than having countless unnecessary elements. Simplicity is the important thing for a designer in communicating with others because the design is about solving problems, not making them.

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Reposition and expand the brand’s
new identity to open the company
to a whole new demographic.

Logo Redesign
User Research
UIUX Design

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On My Way

A travel brand for female travelers.

User Research
UI Design

24th Annual AIGA

Design a cohesive visual system for an existing design conference. skills.

Visual Identity
User Research
UIUX Design

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